Multimedia Services

Audio & Video Transcription

Our transcription service is fast and accurate. We work in all major languages and from any digital media format, and we’ll tailor our services especially for you. Whether it is a radio interview, video recording, webinar, or music recording, our team of specialists will transcribe any of your media recordings and deliver the full text in your desired format.

Multilingual Transcription
Need to translate footage quickly? We can translate your footage for you without transcribing the material first. This method is especially useful when you need to understand what is said in a particular recording – for example, when carrying out marketing research or when the material is used as evidence in a legal case.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

TLS has a global network of DTP specialists. Our team of professional partners include a wide range of platforms, software and technology solutions to fit your particular project. We have trained DTP professionals who specialize in the industries we serve; your eCRF or pCRF templates will be created perfectly, and fit to all translation versions to ensure proper regulatory submissions.

Subtitling, Voice Over and Dubbing

Technical Language Services has extensive experience in subtitling, voice over and dubbing work.

When working with us, you can be sure that we’ll connect your project with your target audience with the right flare, flavor, style, and precision that can only come from years of working with the best in the business.

When it comes to subtitling, we handle every file format and every type of content, using our global network of translators to offer a vast number of languages.

Our voice-over specialists will translate and create a new voice-over script timed precisely to fit the original. We’ll also cast and supply voice-over talent to fit your brief perfectly.

If you want your dubbed versions to be lively and engaging and yet sound entirely natural, our talented teams of translators, dubbing artists, and directors will preserve the authentic tenor of your work while conveying it vividly to another culture. Our translation team of experts will also ensure that the translated text, once spoken, will match the lips of the original actor.