Ensuring Translation Success

We are proud to provide personalized service: We will get to know you and your translation needs down to every detail, thus ensuring we are providing the specific language and technology solutions your project needs.

We have established a multi-layer system of checks and reviews in order to ensure the highest degree of quality. More than a mere foreign language version of the original document, a successful translation delivers the same impact as the source text and requires (at minimum) the same level of care and attention that went into creating the document in the first place.

We provide expert project management, translators, editors, proofreaders, and desktop publishers for each of our assignments. We offer a wide range of services to assist with the scoping, mapping, and execution of projects of any size. Our services are developed to act as an extension of your organization, complementing existing resources and adding value where needed.

Need a translation fast? Our team is a global one, covering all time zones. We have the most abundant resource pool in the industry, and can put together all the specifications necessary to ensure you have what you need when you need it.

Initial Consultation and Evaluation

The project manager assigned to your translation project is the number one reason your translation moves forward at a smooth pace or has major problems. Technical Language Services has project managers who have been with us from the beginning. They know our system; and are experienced linguistic specialists trained in translation workflow, management, and quality control. They are willing to improve on it and accept nothing else than exceptional quality from the teams they put together. Project Managers oversee every stage of the translation process and are responsible for overall project quality. Their job is to pick the translation team based on subject matter expertise, understanding of the audience, and familiarity with the client and/or the materials. They’ll set the structure up for communication with you and/or your designated staff member, and then they’ll start the process of reviewing your source text.

Cultural and Linguistic Review

If you want your translations to truly resonate with your audience, a cultural and linguistic review of the source text is a critical step. Any questions about acronyms, technical terminology, cultural references, untranslatable concepts, or anything unclear gets addressed before translation work begins. A cultural and linguistic review will identify these potential translation pitfalls at the outset to achieve the most accurate translation possible. Our reviews are so thorough we’ve often caught source-text errors that we were able to fix at the beginning of a project, saving you time and money, while preventing too-late mistakes that can jeopardize the quality of the final product.