Quality Standards

Our Standard Quality Assurance Process

TLS was founded with the core policy of employing a permanent in-house staff of highly trained linguists, editors and quality management staff. This policy has allowed TLS to develop a tightly controlled and systematic process to increase and maintain the quality of our translations, while reducing overall costs to the client. Thus our proprietary processes came into being, which we implement daily on every project. This knowledge and expertise has continued to give TLS a highly competitive edge. Our standard process (see illustration below) allows our clients to receive a higher quality service for very competitive prices. Our process is not based solely on a translation of the document — second-stage editing is performed by a staff member holding similar qualifications to the lead translator, and a third quality-control check is performed by yet another independent person. We guarantee each document is professionally translated by a bilingual translator who is expert in both the language pair and document type; edited by a second translator who is equally qualified; desktop-published to include all artwork and data in their original format; proofread; then archived for future reference and use at no extra charge to you; and certified by our company. Each member of our team is handpicked for your projects as well.   Quality Assurance Process   Commitment to Quality For more than twenty-five years, the founders of Technical Language Services, Inc. have been committed to providing the highest quality written translation services out of and into numerous languages spoken in the U.S. and internationally. It was by being in a natural alignment with that commitment that Technical Language Services implemented and safeguarded our own proprietary processes when no other company was doing it. After many years of fine-tuning our own processes and rigorously challenging the industry to exceed customer expectation, TLS decided to become ISO 9001-2008 certified. Not only have we proven year after year we go above and beyond ATA certifications by employing our own set of quality assurance standards, but we have proven that we maintain the highest standards of quality in our processes that are recognized and respected throughout the world. Our Guarantee Achieving ISO 9001-2008 (and subsequently ISO 9001:2015) certification, which is a symbol of today’s expectations in the professional world, is a manifestation of TLS’ commitment to strict quality controls and the continual improvement of quality standards. But it simply does not fully express who Technical Language Services has always been and continues to be today. We are the leaders in innovation and creativity in our industry, taking in all the newest technologies and using them to our — and your — advantage. The final result is a reflection on our commitment to you and your translation needs. Here at TLS, you have our word™ that our translations will be superior in every way. ISO 9001-2015 Certification The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) relates to quality management systems and is designed to help organizations ensure they meet the needs of customers by setting rigorous standards. These standards are recognized in over 140 countries, and over one million organizations worldwide are certified. Technical Language Services’ ISO 9001 certification is further proof that we are committed to excellence. Our quality assurance processes are clearly defined and rigorously upheld. Our certification covers our entire family and every national and global location. Our Quality Policy It is the policy of TLS to provide translation and translation-related services that satisfy the customer’s requirements and will strive to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. As a company, we are committed to delivering the best quality possible for all our clients, and consistently fulfill the requirements to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. This is achieved through two objectives:

  • To deliver projects on time, greater than 99% of the time, based on the delivery deadlines mutually agreed with the customer and production facilities.
  • To deliver, greater than 99% of the time, projects free of non-conformities that would lead a customer to reject a project.

It is company policy to deal efficiently and effectively with all customer concerns regarding product quality and service, and to resolve issues as completely as possible, to the satisfaction of its customers. Here at TLS, all employees are committed to the Quality Management System, and receive the necessary training to ensure our service is delivered effectively and continuously improved upon to ensure customer satisfaction at all levels. Management is also committed to providing safe and pleasant working conditions, fostering the personal development of employees through their work. This lets you know we are fully committed to working with you to establish, in advance, the set of specifications to be followed while carrying out your project. This is a powerful statement and the basis for extraordinary translations and long term client retention.