TLS Corporate Leadership

Technical Language Services’ leadership team has supported the requirements of many clients, from one-off jobs to highly complex long-term projects. Project engineering is a major part of our business, especially when the anticipated volumes are unpredictable, inconsistent and/or from various locations. TLS prides itself in understanding its customers’ requirements, and developing solutions that surpass their expectations. TLS has many faithful and long-term clients, and we continue to grow while embracing the opportunity to rise to the challenge to establish new business relationships — regardless of size and complexity. This challenge is what consistently drives TLS to find better ways of meeting clients’ needs, developing the range of services offered, and delivering added value. The project of greatest logistical complexity entailed the management being invited to orchestrate a pool of 200 translators and editors who were required to work over many years in a remote central Asian location for a US oil firm.

Dr. Holger O. Reiter, Chief Executive Officer

Holger’s executive responsibilities include strategic business development (including mergers and acquisitions), formulation of global business strategies and expansion of services into new countries. Born in Germany and educated in both Germany and the United States, Holger was co-director of Polyglot International (PI), San Francisco, from 1988 to 1998, at which point the company merged with RWS Group, London, where he went on to serve on their Board of Directors. In 2002, Holger was the founding partner of TLS. Holger’s expertise includes management, business development as well as structuring large-scale language management programs for multinational corporations. A resident of the US since 1979, Holger received his Bachelor of Arts in Biology/Neurobiology from Occidental College, Los Angeles, and the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena. He received his PhD in Neurophysiology from the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) in 1988. Holger enjoys golfing, soccer, and traveling abroad with his children, Nicholas and Erika – both in high school – and his wife Elizabeth.



Boris Levine, President

Boris’s executive responsibilities include developing and training translator resources for TLS’ Far-Eastern Languages Department (FELD), as well as overall management and expansion of FELD. He also oversees the work of the Russian department. Born and educated in Russia, Boris trained as a teacher in physics, receiving his Master of Science degree in Physics from the Saint Petersburg Pedagogical University in 1973. From 1977 until 1989 he was Senior Engineer within the patent office of an R&D establishment in Saint Petersburg. During this time he became a Japanese–to-Russian translator. In 1990, Boris moved to the US where he became a Japanese-to-English translator. In 2002, he co-founded TLS together with Dr Reiter. Boris’ expertise lies in creating and continuously engineering TLS’ training program for Japanese translators. He also provides linguistic, technical and process guidance to our established translators, and contributes his rich experience within the industry to the overall development of the company. A US citizen since 1995, Boris lives in San Francisco, California, with his wife of 39 years. He has two adult sons and two grandsons.



Mike Varga, Senior Quality Controller & Trainer, Far-Eastern Language Department (FELD)

Mike joined the Far-Eastern Language Department (FELD) of TLS in London in 2006 as a linguist specializing in translating Japanese patents into English, and currently acts in a senior role supervising quality control for Japanese-English translations and training of Japanese-language translation resources. Mike received a BA in Japanese Language Studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) in 1989, and in the same year began his years-long association with Dr. Reiter and Mr. Levine with Polyglot International (PI) as technical translator and editor. In 1992 he was posted to London to head PI’s European operation within the Patent Express division of the British Library, where he developed European accounts and managed the business relationship between Patent Express and PI. Prior to joining TLS, Mike worked for three years at Xerox Global Services in Slough (UK), during which time he held the posts of International Business Manager, developing large-scale multi-language translation projects, and Fuji-Xerox Client Manager, acting as facilitator for Japanese language translation accounts. Mike currently lives in London with his partner Amanda and young daughter, Isabella.