Life Sciences

Life Sciences Technical Language Services, Inc. (TLS) has created a specialized unit dedicated to providing superior translation and localization services for the Life Sciences industry. The increasing demands for quality and rigorousness in this challenging field are met by TLS’ highly specialized team – our in-house experts and trusted partners ensure that your documents are accurately translated and culturally appropriate. Whether you need patient recruiting materials, physician information, informed consent forms, PROs, medical device instructions or any other protocol document, TLS’ Life Sciences Unit provides the level of expertise and quality control your project requires, thus assuring regulatory compliance and audit preparedness, as well as data reliability.

Healthcare Clear communication is a cornerstone of patient safety and quality healthcare. Unlike the business sector, which frequently turns to translations as a way to enter new markets, healthcare organizations are bound by federal, state and industry mandates to translate all vital health materials for the multilingual communities they already serve. Our Life Sciences Unit is just the right team to seamlessly integrate with yours when it comes to healthcare. We have extensive experience in healthcare translation, from hospital signage and consent forms to evidence of coverage manuals and health promotion materials. Entrusting your vital documents to an experienced language services provider who is knowledgeable about your industry and audience is the first step toward quality multilingual communications. Managed Care is primarily concerned with reducing the cost of providing healthcare benefits and improving quality of care. We have translated health education materials in more than a dozen languages on numerous community health topics.

We strive to make sure that your patients have meaningful access to health information in their preferred languages. Hospitals occupy the front lines of patient care and safety. Signage, registration forms, informed consents, and patient care materials all require an expert understanding of language, as well as practical issues, to convey important information across cultural divides. Better communication in hospitals means better care for patients, regardless of language. Insurance details can be tricky. Evidence of Coverage manuals contain a mix of marketing, legal, and health-related wording that requires an adherence to contractual and regulatory language, while at the same time rendering the information understandable to those who may not even be familiar with the American healthcare system. You can trust us to be your partner and friend.