Intellectual Property

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In today’s global marketplace, knowledge through advanced IT and the high speed of the Internet have significantly enhanced the way businesses are able to gain a competitive edge. We launch products and services to a global market far sooner than it used to be, and the life cycle of new products is generally far shorter than a decade ago. From a ‘bright idea’, to the launch, development, improvement, and new versions of products and services, there’s a need to protect this proprietary information and secure the intellectual property assets through patenting, copyright, and trade-marking — as well as doing it fast, efficiently and in multiple languages.

Today, more than ever, policy violations and infringements of intellectual property rights have become a major problem. International trade has become a highly sophisticated business primarily driven by the Internet—a major conduit to secure business online. The Internet has also enabled countries to collaborate in ways never thought of before, in order to allow companies and individuals to secure legal rights in pursuit of intellectual property protection. The internet allows easier searching and researching of global intellectual property, to assess whether an idea already exists or, if it does, to position the idea in context with other inventions.

Crossing the language barrier and being first to file are just a few of the major hurdles one is required to overcome today. Finding a translation provider who offers the highest quality and years of know-how is critical. Technical accuracy, clarity in communication and subject-matter expertise are paramount to the translation process in order to maintain the integrity of the original patent and other IP information. Translating patents requires a skilled and organized approach to achieve the superior level of quality required for any industry. TLS offers you the expertise needed to enable rapid and efficient conveyance of knowledge on a global scale.

TLS, whose management team is the LEADER in IP translations for over 25 years, provides the critical link from the initial idea to the global marketplace. TLS is committed to achieving the correct balance between service performance, quality and price — every time.