Far-Eastern Languages

Far-Eastern Language Department- FELD

Unlike most translation companies, our FELD division was founded on the core policy of employing a permanent in-house staff of highly trained patent-specific linguists, editors, and quality managers who are specifically responsible for English translations of Japanese patents to meet a high demand. This policy has allowed TLS to develop a highly controlled and systematized proprietary process to increase and maintain the quality of translation while reducing overall costs in return for guaranteed monthly work from a company. This knowledge and expertise has continued to give TLS a highly competitive edge in the industry.

Today, this stringent proprietary process continues to support a unique service environment that requires all TLS translators, editors, and QM practitioners to subscribe to and work within it. Not only does TLS employ its own in-house staff, we also rely on a resource pool of highly professional freelance translators cultivated by TLS over the last decade to provide high-level expertise and support. TLS continues to invest heavily in training in-house and freelance translators who are new to the TLS network, while maintaining critical standards by managing our mature resource pool. Such practices have given TLS a strong reputation for being intuitively responsive to its clients’ needs. Many of these clients are global multinationals and law firms which choose TLS because we operate and provide support and service on weekends, public holidays, and other “after-hours” times. We have many testimonials from highly satisfied long-term clients, praising the fact that TLS has been able to provide support within extremely critical deadlines.