About Us

History and Timeline

Technical Language Services was founded in 2002 by Dr. Holger Reiter, CEO. The company’s history actually goes back to 1988 when, together with another partner, Dr. Reiter established Polyglot International (PI). As an all-round, full-service technical translation company, PI attracted multinationals and major US law firms requiring patent translations — predominantly from Japanese into English — due to their ability to combine high quality and technical accuracy. Patent translation was established early on as their expertise and continued focus throughout its history. While Europe was not a target market at the time, PI was chosen in the early 1990s by The British Library (BL) to become their translation partner and sole vendor for its Patent Express division. The British Library made their selection after having performed a global search for a suitable service provider. PI established a support team within the British Library’s premises in central London specifically to serve this partnership. By 1998, PI had become one of the largest technical translation companies in the USA, generating in excess of $10m in sales. In the same year, PI was acquired by a major competitor and Dr. Reiter became a board member.

Dr. Reiter founded Technical Language Services, Inc. with Mr. Boris Levine in 2002. Mr. Levine established the Far Eastern Languages Division (FELD) in response to the still very high demand for Japanese patent translations, and in 2006 the London and Tokyo sales support offices were created. The year 2010 brought many exciting opportunities, and TLS found its expanding presence in Europe supported by an in-country agent network. 2011 was a very big year for TLS. First we launched our Linguistic Validation Services Division (LVSD). This division focused on Patient-Reported Outcomes translation and cultural adaptation, and providing consulting services for protocol needs. From selecting the appropriate measures, to liaising with developers and copyright holders to securing license agreements, to answering any questions study teams may have about the validation process and industry standards, this team is truly the best of the best. By 2012, the LVSD expanded into a full-service Life Sciences Division to provide a broader range of services with emphasis in clinical trial documents.

Also in 2011, we created American Polyglot Partners, LLC; a woman-owned, premier provider of culturally sensitive and linguistically accurate written translations for limited-English proficient (LEP) audiences and government contracts in the American marketplace.

And finally, it was in June of 2011 that Technical Language Services implemented the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System. Our ISO 9001 certification is yet more proof that we are committed to excellence.

Our quality assurance processes are clearly defined and rigorously upheld. Our certification covers our entire family and every national and global location.


Our subsidiary American Polyglot Partners is the US’ premier provider of culturally sensitive and linguistically accurate written translations for limited-English proficient (LEP) audiences in the American marketplace and government contracts. The number of non-native English speakers in the US increased by more than 15% between 2000 and 2010, totaling nearly 55 million people. Businesses wanting to communicate effectively across linguistic and cultural barriers need high quality translations that convey their messages clearly, and provide LEP persons with meaningful access to services in any language or cultural context. From thorough cultural and linguistic reviews to complementary expert project management, our clients value the extraordinary care that we take with every project. It’s the advantage of having a translation partner that knows your multilingual audience.

Contact us to find out more about our unique advantages for businesses that want to reach every customer in local or national markets, no matter what languages they speak.